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Itís the fact that ProVIGRAX is the only non-prescription tablet that demonstrates instant effects

ProVIGRAX sublingual melt tabs (with special NDDS) get you started within only 30 minutes, and you're all set to go for up to 4 hours.

Not like other prescription drugs used to treat ED, ProVIGRAX has completely no side-effects. Its use is totally harmless and there are no short/ long term drawbacks from its continual usage.

In contrast with ED prescription drugs, ProVIGRAX is rather impressive and distinguished in most characteristics.

ProVIGRAX vs. Viagra:

The efficiency of Viagra is most, just about 1-2 hours after eating on an empty stomach. However the rate of plasma concentration and usefulness are harmfully influenced if taken later than a fat-rich meal.

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ProVIGRAX sublingual tabs melt wholly when placed under the tongue and are rapidly digested into the body. The effect is spontaneous in half an hour!

SCIENCE BEHIND ProVIGRAX will assist you recognize the full mechanism of the ProVIGRAX pill.

In addition to the clear benefits that ProVIGRAX transports to you is the added benefit of a very reasonable price.

All of the over benefits are now obtainable to you for a very inexpensive price. So take your chance and return your self-confidence in just $1 with ProVIGRAX. .

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